Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Mt. Garnet to Cairns

Well, it happens sometimes, that a journey ends and the post tour events tumble in in such rapid succession that one fails to update her blog for some time. That AND it is surprisingly challenging to find a competent internet connection and computer at the same time in far north Queensland.  Needless to say, I did make it to Cairns.  Over a month ago, after a thorough exploration of semi-interior Queensland, the Atherton Tablelands and Cape Tribulation with my French Tandem pals, Stephane and Manue.  

Two Frenchies, excited to be leaving the rainfest of Lake Tinaroo
Manue in an advertisement for quality bush camping
Breakfast on Noah's beach just before the blazing sun has us running for the trees
Freshwater fish in crocodile free swimming hole
Departing crocodile free swimming hole
Noah's Beach sunrise
A seemingly friendly frog a moment before launching itself at Stephane's face
On route to a supposed "birders paradise" where the lead cyclist will get her first tick bite, to be discovered later that evening

In the meantime, I've been visiting the scenic areas within a couple 100ks of Cairns to exhaustion with two visiting sets of friends while Goat, my bike of choice, rests in a warmshowers host's garage.  Come early next week however, Goat and I will be on a bus bound for Mt. Isa (1,000kms inland Queensland) where a certain best friend lives.  
Meet Be, aka Mr Ew Sheep
As a small closing for the Melbourne to Cairns bike journey, I leave you with a piece of writing, prompted by Manue.  "What was weird about this guy" (All quoted texts are direct quotes from guys met a long the way)  Dedicated to Stephane and Manue: two exquisitely delightful and compatible biking and camping companions who are now sailing around the waters of Tahiti.  (Should you want more detailed accounts of our riding days, do visit their blog:  click on the british flag top right corner to get a 65% accurate google english translation of events)

What was weird about this guy is he was an "idiot Bird!" "A half wit!"  He shopped in "Greenvale. That BIG town with that BIG store."
What was weird about this guy is he kept hanging around.
"Roidin' ta caanz? Golly, you're gonna be fit by the time ya get there!"
"But on this thing?" "Better you than me."  "Who does all the pedaling?"
What was weird about this guy is he asked all the same questions as the last guy.
"Alone!? But don't you get scared?"  But really, "alone?" "Aren't you AFRAID?"
Cause don't you know about those "Lebanese lookin' like aboriginals? They'll rape you and pump you full of sexual disease."
What was weird about this guy is he rode around Australia for six years eating only white bread, vitamins, and minerals.
What was weird about this guy is he caravaned around using "45 liters of water per day. At least!"
What was weird about this guy is he didn't care that you rode all the way from France, he wanted to know where you started in Australia. "What?!? The Gold Coast? You rode from the Gold Coast to here?!"  "On that thing?" "Gee, you must be keen!"  "Who does the steerin'?"
What was weird about this guy is he had only one thing to say, "you must be crazy!"
What was really weird about this guy though, is we just said "hello," and he said, "fuck offf!!"

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